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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Speedcam Anywhere is an AI system that can accurately and verifiably measure vehicle speeds using a mobile phone camera. The app on the phone takes a short video clip of a passing vehicle which is uploaded to the AI server. The server can measure the vehicle speed from the video, check vehicle speeds against speed limits, and provide a report showing evidence of the vehicle speed. It also generates road safety reports and identify speeding hotspots.

Take a shot using your phone

Get a report showing evidence of the vehicle speed

See the impact that speeding has on pedestrian deaths and air pollution in your street

Take a shot using your phone

Video frame of a car driving past

Get a report showing evidence of the vehicle speed

Example report

See the impact that speeding has on pedestrian deaths and air pollution in your street

Pollution and pedestrian deaths report

Yes – UK law allows you to take photographs of private property in a public place. You do not have a right to ask people to stop taking photographs in public. You should not take photographs of under 18s in public. Other countries have different privacy laws. Please check before using Speedcam Anywhere in other countries.

Higher speeds make road crashes more likely and always make outcomes worse. Speed is a particularly significant cause of pedestrian and vulnerable road user deaths and serious injuries, where a 4mph increase in vehicle speed doubles the likelihood of a pedestrian death in the event of a collision. Higher speeds in urban areas also results in massively more NOx and particulate pollution (PM2.5), resulting in more deaths from respiratory illnesses. Higher speeds also result in significantly higher CO2 emissions. Speedcam Anywhere was developed to draw attention to this problem.

Speedcam Anywhere does not issue speeding tickets or fines like a conventional speed camera and has not been approved in the UK to be used as one. Speedcam Anywhere is the same as a dashcam, that can be used to gather evidence of motoring offences. As with a dashcam, any prosecution would always have to be done by the Police, and at the discretion of the local Police force.

Speedcam Anywhere do not ourselves pass on any information to the Police. We may be requested to do so at some future date.

Speedcam Anywhere identifies the vehicle make, model and year, e.g. Ford Focus 2019 from the license plate to look up the vehicle dimensions. Speedcam Anywhere does not record or store the license plate details. It does not access any of the vehicle driver or keeper’s personal details.

Yes. But Police have limited resources to enforce it and as a consequence a large proportion of motorists speed in the UK. 20mph limits are particularly weakly enforced, with the Police position currently being that they don’t have the resources to police them. This means they are largely ignored. This results in massively more pedestrian deaths and serious injuries, noise, and air pollution in our cities and neighbourhoods than if the speed limits were observed.

No. Speedcam Anywhere won’t accept captures from a moving vehicle, and any captures where the phone is moving will be automatically rejected by the AI. It also won’t work from a moving bicycle. You can use your phone as dashcam by mounting it on the dashboard and using the normal video capture function without Speedcam Anywhere.

Speedcam Anywhere is designed for use in urban areas, where pedestrians are more at risk from speeding vehicles, rather than higher speed roads. It should be used from the beside the road. Do not stand in the road and do not expose yourself to danger. Hold the camera still for 2 seconds– do not move it to track the vehicle. The distance it will work from varies depending on the quality of the phone camera. With a high-end smartphone, the range is typically 15-20m. This means it can be used from up to 2-3 lanes away. It will also work from the window of a parked car or out of a building window beside the road.

In Pro Mode, Speedcam Anywhere is substantially more accurate than +/-2mph. You should check in the report that the vehicle details are correct and the wheel locations are accurately identified before using the speed measurement. If any of those are wrong, the speed will not be correct.

Speedcam Anywhere does not rely on any sensors that require calibration. The only two measurements it uses are the length of the vehicle wheelbase, and the video timestamps taken from the internal clock in the phone. Your phone's clock is substantially more accurate than is required to measure a vehicle speed from a video. To get an error of 0.1mph in a 30mph measurement would require an error of 1 part in 300 in the phone clock. This would mean your phone clock losing 5 minutes a day. If the internal clock was that inaccurate, it would be unable to stay synchronised with the mobile phone network.

In Basic Mode, accuracy is around +/- 10% of the vehicle speed. Errors will be higher for non-standard sized vehicles.

Vehicle exhaust emissions - CO2, PM2.5 and NOx - are highest during acceleration. Microplastic particulates from tire emissions are highest during braking, accelerating and cornering quickly. In urban areas, vehicles accelerate and decelerate repeatedly due to junctions and traffic. Allowing for the emissions when vehicles are accelerating and they typically have the lowest NOx and CO2 emissions, and the best mpg, when driven at maximum speeds of 15-20mph. Particulate Matter (PM2.5) from tyre wear and brake pad wear is a lot higher when decelerating from higher speeds, and also from cornering at higher speeds. Because of the extra emissions during acceleration, NOx and CO2 go up rapidly when driving at higher speeds in urban areas.

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For details see here.

Electric cars are always more efficient and always have lower PM emissions at lower speeds.

Speedcam Anywhere needs to be able to get a clear view of the whole vehicle passing across the screen. It needs to have a clear view of the wheels, and to get an accurate measurement, a clear view of the numberplate as the vehicle passes. Aim the camera at about 45 degrees across the road for best results. The phone must be held still for 2 seconds whilst the capture takes place. Do not pan the camera to follow the vehicle. Practice in Basic Mode before using more credits in Pro Mode.

Lower spec phone cameras, rain, bad light and being further away from the vehicle will reduce the likelihood of the capture succeeding.

Currently Speedcam Anywhere works in the United Kingdom and is being evaluated for launch in the United States. Organisations outside the UK who wish to use the system should check local privacy laws and then use the contact form to get in touch, stating what organisation you represent. The app is not currently available to download outside the UK.

Processing the captures using AI is expensive. Speedcam Anywhere charges a small fee to cover this. 1000 credits costs £14.99, and is enough for 100 captures in Pro Mode or 1000 captures in Basic Mode. Speedcam Anywhere does not issue, or get any money from, speeding fines.

Yes – Speedcam Anywhere uploads the video taken to our secure servers. Each capture is 3-6MB, so 200 captures will use 1GB of your allowance. Speedcam Anywhere will upload the capture later over Wi-Fi if mobile data is not available. You can switch off mobile data on your phone if you want your phone to do this.

Yes. Go to the capture list screen and swipe left (iOS) or tap the menu button : (Android) on unwanted captures to delete the videos from your phone. The video will still be stored on our secure servers.

The number of vehicles types the AI works on is increasing all the time. At present it doesn’t work on HGVs, but it does work on most other vehicles. The more vehicles it sees, the more it learns to recognise new vehicle types.

Yes. Speedcam Anywhere can be used to monitor the speeds of vehicles on private land such as car parks, construction sites, airports, campuses etc. We can also configure it to work with specialist site vehicles that aren't registered on the public road if required. Contact us via the contact form if you would like to use it.

The Speedcam Anywhere app digitally signs all data sent including video captures, timestamps and locations using industry standard SHA-256 algorithms. This ensures that the video has not been edited or manipulated. All data is transmitted using TLS 3.0 and secured on commercial secure cloud services using class leading security systems.


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